What is the Church

Certainly not just a building.
The Bible describes the Church as a family in which we are all brothers and sisters, bound together by love for Christ and for each other. 

It also describes the Church as a body, Jesus being the Head and we being members each with his own job to do.

We belong to Jesus and we need to belong to each other.
We need Him and we need each other.

There is a great world-wide Church consisting of all who trust in Jesus Christ, whatever their colour, background or intellect.
There are also local churches, part of the One Church: some Church of England, some Free Church (i.e. Methodist, Baptist)

To be a Christian means to belong to a local church and to support it loyally.
'You can be a good Christian and not go to church.'
This is as ridiculous as saying, 'You can be a good footballer, but never join a team.

A footballer is one who plays in a team. He spends time training with the rest of the team, learning more about the game from them, and especially from the team coach. Football is a team game. It is the same for the Christian. You cannot call yourself a Christian if you stay at home and do not go to church regularly. It is a different matter of course for very old or sick people who cannot get to church.

Why go to Church ?

If you are a Christian you go to church:
-- To praise and thank God for all His love and goodness to you.
-- To show openly that you belong to Christ. Going to church marks you out as a disciple of Christ.
-- To meet with other Christians to pray together.
-- To learn more about the Christian life and to receive strength and guidance for the coming week.

If a piece of coal drops from the fire on to the grate it very soon goes cold and dead.
If you stay away from church and Christian fellowship, your love for Christ will very soon go cold and dead. You will lose interest in reading the Bible and praying. You will lose any desire to win other people for Christ. Your faith will slowly die. Never miss being with Christians in church on Sunday.
If there is a weekly Bible-study in your church, make it top priority in your week's activities.

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