What is prayer

When you read the Bible, Christ speaks to you.
When you pray, you speak to him.
The Christian life is a two-sided friendship.
Prayer is speaking to Jesus Christ about anything, anywhere.

Prayer is your life-line. A diver cannot live without a life-line through which air comes. Prayer is to Christians what breathing is to the human body.
Prayer is your direct link with headquarters. When the walkie-talkie set is switched on, every word is heard by headquarters who keep a constant listening watch. Prayer links you directly with your leader - Jesus Christ.
Advice, help and guidance are constantly available to you.

Why pray ?

Many people cannot see the point of praying. They say that God knows everything and will work whether they pray or not. We have seen already that by praying we deepen our friendship with Christ. Apart from this a Christian should pray because:

-- Jesus prayed. If He needed to pray, how much more do you, His follower.
-- Jesus tells you to pray. As His soldier your aim is to obey Him.
-- Jesus promises to answer prayer. Every prayer will be answered. Sometimes however, His answer will be NO or WAIT.
-- It is a sin not to pray. Look up 1 Samuel 12.23.

How to pray

Prayer should follow on naturally from your reading of the Bible.

The early morning is by far the best time for this. Begin the day with your Friend and master before all the rush of the day is upon you.

Try to find a quiet place -- maybe your bedroom, or a front room, or even the kitchen in winter. Try to be alone if at all possible.

The Devil will do everything to stop you praying. Someone will call or the baby will start to yell. Whatever happens be determined to guard jealously your quiet time with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Before you begin to pray, remember quietly to whom you are coming.
Prayer can take different forms. here is one:
-- Confess your sins. Man always comes to God as a sinner needing forgiveness. Ask Him to show you your sins and failings. Ask Him to forgive you and to help you conquer them in the future.
-- Thank Him. Quietly stop and think of all that you have to thank Him for; the Lord jesus, the cross, the Bible, the Holy Spirit, the Church, Christian friends, your health, your family, answered prayer.
-- Pray for others. Get a small notebook and make a list of people to pray for: your family, friends, leaders in the State, leaders in your church, missionaries. Pray for a few each day. Be definite in your praying, and don't just make vague requests for God's blessings. As you pray, use your imagination.
-- Pray for yourself. Pray about every aspect of your life: the day ahead, any problems, duties, or fears, your witness at home and at work, God's Will for your future.

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