How to read the Bible

The Bible is not an easy book. You need help and you need method. It is not a good idea to start at genesis and work through the Bible. You will very soon get bogged down and discouraged among all the laws in Leviticus. Nor is it a good idea simply to open the Bible anywhere and hope for the best. By far the best method of daily Bible Reading is to use the Scripture Union Notes

There are a variety of little booklets available for all ages. You cover the whole Bible in five years. Each day you have ten to fifteen verses, with short notes to help you understand the passage. To give variety, you study first a New Testament book, then one from the Old Testament.

Ask your vicar or minister about them.

When and where

Set aside a definite time when you can be alone and quiet.

Most Christians find that early in the morning is the best time, before the rush of the day begins. Others prefer the evening after they have had their meal. Last thing at night is no good if you are too tired to concentrate.

You will only grow as a christian if you make time to meet with the Lord Jesus and read His Word daily. There are no short cuts to success in the Christian life.

It is very helpful to meet with a group of other Christians to study a passage together.

How to begin


In your own wisdom you will never understand or enjoy the Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you read. Use a prayer such as this 'Open mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law' (Psalm 119.18).
Now believe that Christ is going to speak to you.


When you have read the passage twice, ask yourself such questions as: What do I learn about God ? About Jesus ? About the Holy Spirit ? About Man ?

Look for a promise to claim, an example to follow, a warning to heed, a command to obey.

Pick out a verse or phrase that has struck yopu, and learn it so that you can take this with you into the day.
Your memory is certainly not as bad as you probably think it is.
One of the greatest helps to growing strong as a Christian is to learn verses of the Bible by heart.
Determine to learn one verse every week.
Write the verse out on a card, and on the back of the card put the book, chapter and verse (as above).
Keep these verses with you; go over them again and again. test yourself in the bus or train.
Here are some verses to start: Romans 3.23, Romans 6.23, Isiah 53.6, Revelation 3.20, Matthew 28.20, John 3.16, John 6.37, 1 John 1.9, 1 Corinthians 10.13.

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