Every Christian is saved to serve. You are now the disciple and servant of Christ. Your one aim in life is to serve and please Him.
here are some ways in which you can serve Him.

At home

The home is not an easy place to be a Christian, because your family really know you. Show the difference Christ has made to your life by being helpful, thoughtful, patient and above all loving.

At work

People at work will watch to see if your life backs up what you say. Be thorough and efficient in your work, and honest in all your dealings; keep calm when your faith is attacked or laughed at; be ready to speak out at injustices; and be ready to show what Christ means to you personally when the opportunity comes.

You should not only be a church member, but also a church worker. You can serve Christ in your local church by cleaning the church, doing the gardening, delivering magazines, singing in the choir. There are other important jobs such as teaching in the Sunday school, or Bible Class, helping in a youth club, or visiting in the parish.

Be an active Christian, one who can be trusted.

But the greatest job of all is winning others for Christ. This requires a real love for Christ and a real love for people. It will mean praying for them, befriending them, getting to know them, sharing their interest, talking naturally about Christ, taking them to hear the gospel, or lending them a booklet on the Christian life.

The way ahead will not be easy, but you are not alone: jesus Christ comes with you all the way.

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These pages are based on the gospel tract booklet "The Way Ahead" by N.L. Warren copyright 1964, 1966, 1973 and first published in Gt Britain 1966, Twelfth impression 1973 by Falcon Books - Kingway Publications Ltd. These pages have been created to enable those who do not have access to the printed booklet to know of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you can obtain copies of the printed booklet do so and share the Good News with your friends, acquaintances and all you come into contact with.