We have seen that you must not rely on your feelings or your own goodness or your good works. You are to rely on:

What Jesus promises you in the Bible and
What Jesus did for you on the Cross.
'Is there no place for my feelings ?'  Yes, there is.

When you receive Jesus into your life He gives you the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now the Holy Spirit has two main tasks.

He assures you that you are a Christian

He brings the quiet, yet certain conviction that you are a child of God. You seem to know and feel deep down that you are right with God. Jesus Christ has become a living person for you. The old barrier between you and God is no longer there.

He helps you grow like Jesus

He changes your nature from being self-centred to being Christ-centred. He gives you the power to become gradually more like Jesus Himself. This is the work or 'fruit' of the Holy Spirit - to produce in the Christian a nature of love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.

In your own strength you cannot produce this fruit in your life, however hard you try. The Holy Spirit's special work is to give you the inner power to produce this fruit.

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