Traffic Lights to Prayer

I trust that you, as careful car drivers, obey the traffic lights you come across in your journeys.

Do you follow the traffic lights with regards to the Prayers you make to God ?

Note: this illustration makes use of the UK Traffic Lights sequence
We also drive on the wrong side of the road


Red Light - Stop
Red Light

A Red Light in front of you is clear in it's message. This prayer is being answered "No". Just as on the road, you would not go through a Red Light, so too with God.

Red and Amber (Yellow) - Get ready to Go
Red and Amber

Red and Amber means get ready to Go, it does not mean Go. An "Amber-gambler" is a person who impatiently goes through before the road is clear.
With Prayer, things seem to suggest it is God's will, but is it the timing ?
Wait until God gives the clear go-ahead.

Green Light - You may proceed.
Green Light

The Prayer is answered "Yes", now it is your turn to do your part.
Have you ever waited so long at traffic lights, that when you come to set off, you stall the engine ?
If you don't move off quickly, the motorist behind you will sound his horn.
The Green Light means move on in God's will.

Amber (Yellow) Light - You are going to have to stop.
Amber Light

On the road, you are driving ahead, when the light ahead changes from Green to Amber, you need to come to a stop, unless you are too close to the signal to stop.
We can get set in our ways, serving God in set ways... 
perhaps we are in Sunday School teaching or something similar and have been for a number of years. God might want us to "stop" and go in a different direction.

If the Lights ahead are Green, which way will drivers naturally go ?
Straight ahead ! Sometimes God needs to Stop us, before he can re-direct us.

Red Light - Stop
Red Light

There you were driving along fine and now all progress has come to a stop. Doesn't it seem a long time before the Green Light appears ?

Still you have been there before !

Author: Michael Fowler, September 2000

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