Legend Liar Lunatic Messiah

Jesus was one of the above, Legend, Liar, Lunatic or Messiah

The following might help you decide which


Four possibilities



A few doubt that he even existed, however historical evidence is stacked against that.
Archaeology has shown that the four gospels were written in the lifetime of his contemporaries.
Legends usually take many generations, if not centuries to build up and circulate. The gap between original events and the recording of them is too narrow.
Even established Roman and Jewish historians of the day such as Tacitus, Suetonius, Thallus and Josephus admitted his existence.
Under the heading of legend you could say that the early followers exaggerated the Christ and put words into his mouth that he never spoke.
Early Christian leaders knew the difference between true life and legend (2 Peter 1:16) and they refused to put words into Jesus mouth (1 Corinthians 7:12).
Peter and Paul (the authors of the above scriptures) both died for their faith in Jesus Christ.
Why die for an exaggeration that you made up !!
If the Christians were in the habit of making up miracle stories about their heroes, why does the Bible say that John the Baptist, a very influential and powerful figure, never did even one miracle ?
Let's rule out legend. After all how much of an influence has the teachings of Robin Hood had on our planet. Legends make entertaining reading but they do not inspire men and women to die for them.
They do not lead to urgent missionary activity, social concern,changed lives, healed marriages etc.


We have established that Jesus existed, so there are only three remaining possibilities. He made some incredible claims. Perhaps they were lies, and Jesus knew all along that they were lies.
Is that really conceivable ? - even his enemies regarded him as a man of truth and integrity.
Is it really likely that a man known for his emphasis on integrity and truthfulness would be the greatest fraud of all ?
Is it likely that the man who exposed so much religious hypocrisy would be the greatest hypocrite of all ?
If so what was his motive ?
Personal curiosity about crucifixion ?
Money ? (He died penniless and taught that it is more blessed to give than receive).
Hatred for humanity ?
(He died for the sins of the world and taught that we should love our enemies).
This is a ridiculous claim.


Option 3. If we still assume that what Jesus said was untrue but withdrawing the charge of deceit, it must follow that he didn't know what he was saying.
Hardly reasonable. No one could make the extraordinary claims that Jesus did and believe them if he were not insane. But when you look at the character of Jesus, what do you see ?
The unbalanced personality of a madman ? No, we see perfect balance.

Not an ounce of irrational fears, paranoia, obsession, anxiety, mood swings or introversion we expect from a lunatic.
It would appear that Jesus was so perfectly balanced that he was the standard for sanity !


Only one possibility left that he was speaking the truth and that he was of sound mind.
What did he claim ?
I have listed some (paraphrased, so check them out for yourself)

John 8:58, 17:5 I have always existed
Revelation 1:18 I hold the keys to death
Matthew 28:18 I have all authority in heaven and on earth
John 10:30 I and the father are one
Mark 2:7-10 I have authority to forgive sins
Luke 24:25-27 I am prophesied about in the scriptures
John 8:23 I am from heaven
Mark 8:31 I will be resurrected
John 16:23-24 I am the one through whom you must pray
John 5:22-30 I will judge the world on judgment day
Matthew 16:16-17 I am the son of God
John 5:28-29 I will raise the dead at the end of time
John 14:6 I am the only way to God, no exceptions
Luke 10:16 If you reject me, you reject God himself.

Submitted by Barry & Nancy Lamb, UK

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