Do you want to live an easy-going, 'do-as-you-like' life? Do you want to remain dissatisfied and only know the empty, passing pleasures of the world? Then don't read any further. Carry on just as you are; don't bother about Christ.

But remember this: one day you will realise too late that you have missed the best in life, wasted your life and ruined your own soul. To live without Christ is to die without him. To die without him is to spend eternity without him. But if you want a life that satisfies, that has purpose and meaning, a life that demands the very best in you and, above all, a life that is pleasing to God - this is what God requires of you. Forgiveness and eternal life are not automatic; there is your part.

Your part


Something to admit 

That you have sinned in the sight of God. Be deeply sorry for your sin. Hate it and be willing to turn from every thought, word action and habit that you know to be wrong.

Something to believe 

That Jesus Christ died on the cross bearing all the guilt and penalty of your sin.

Something to consider

That Jesus never promised it would be easy to follow him. Expect opposition, sneers and misunderstanding. Every part of your life, work, friendships, time, money, must all come under his control.

Something to do 

Accept Jesus Christ into your life to be your Lord to control you, your Saviour to cleanse you, your friend to guide you and be with you.

So many miss this last step and thus never come to know Jesus Christ. Perhaps no verse in the Bible makes this last step clearer than Revelation 3:20. Jesus is speaking,

'Behold I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him....'

Jesus Christ waits outside the door of your life. He will not force his way in. He wants to be asked in. The handle is on the inside; only you can open the door. You become a true Christian when you open the door of your life to Jesus Christ and let him come in and live in your heart and life.

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