Discovering Jesus through the Gospels

Study 4:

Jesus heals the sick and calms the storm

The parable of the Sower

The parable of the Kingdom of Heaven



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A. Jesus heals the sick and calms the storm

Read the passage Matthew's Gospel Chapter 8 verses 1 - 27

Check Answers

1. What did the leper want Jesus to do ?
    (Matthew 8: 1 - 2)


2. What did the words of verse 2 indicate of the faith of the leper ?
    (Matthew 8: 2b)


3. Did Jesus wish to heal the man ?
    (Matthew 8: 3)


4. After Jesus said "Be clean!", how long was it before the man was healed ?
    (Matthew 8: 3b)


5. Why did Jesus tell the man to go to the priests ?
    (Matthew 8: 4)


6. Who was ill ?
    (Matthew 8: 5)


7. What did Jesus say he would do ?
    (Matthew 8: 7)


8. Did the centurion agree to this ?
and if not what did he say that Jesus should do ?
    (Matthew 8: 8 - 9)


9. What did Jesus think of this ?
    (Matthew 8: 10 -12)


10. What else did Jesus do beside healing the sick ?
      (Matthew 8: 16)


11. What obeyed Jesus ?
       (Matthew 8: 26)


12. What did the disciples ask ?
      (Matthew 8: 27 )


B. The parable of the Sower

C. The parable of the Kingdom of Heaven


In these healings Jesus shows the power that he has can only come from God.
He can restore a person from an incurable disease (leprosy) and restore him to being an accepted member of society. He also shows that he can heal a person without actually being present in the same place as the sick person (the centurion's servant)

Jesus healed another person when not present see John 4: 43 - 54

The passages also show that the reports of Jesus had spread to the persons concerned before they approached Jesus concerning their illnesses.

The leper believed Jesus could heal him and the centurion believed that Jesus could heal his servant.

This is how faith shows itself when someone believing that Jesus CAN do something "sticks their neck out" and puts their faith and trust that Jesus WILL do this for them.

Further reading (Optional)

Read the story of the Jesus healing the Official's Son, The Healing at the Pool and Life through the Son (John 4: 43 - 54, John 5: 1 - 45)


B. The parable of the Sower

C. The parable of the Kingdom of Heaven

are in the course of preparation.



1. Make him clean (ie heal him from his leprosy, a person with leprosy was thought to be unclean)

2. The leper believed that Jesus was able to heal him

3. Yes, he did.

4. The man was healed immediately

5. In Jesus's time a person who had leprosy was segregated from other people because leprosy was (and is) an infectious disease. If a person "thought" they were healed from their leposy they had to present themselves before the priests so the priests could "officially" say whether they were free of the disease.

6. The centurion's servant (a centurion was a Roman army officer in charge of 100 men)

7. Jesus said that he would go to the servant and heal him

8. The centurion thought himself too unworthy for Jesus to come to his house.
He wanted Jesus just to give the word for his servant to be healed

9. He thought that more faith was shown by this foreigner than by many people who were Jews.

10. Drove out spirits from those who were demon possessed by just his word (command)

11. The winds and the waves

12. They were amazed and asked what sort of man was Jesus



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